Sonny Jakobsson

  • Född: 2 oktober 1949
  • Död: 3 oktober 2018

In hoc signo vinces, I detta tecken skall du segra

Vår älskade pappa, morfar, svärfar, vän och sambo Sonny Jacobson har lämnat oss i en stor sorg och saknad.     Forever Angel
  You were born on judgement day
But you don't care and go your own way
Your living your life and you made your own laws
Fellowship forever, your freeing your souls Riding with the brothers
Through the wind and the rain
You're proud of your color
and can feel no pain Forever angel
Keep on riding
And fight for your rights
Forever angel
Roaring thunder
Through endless nights Sometimes it seems that you're dancing with the devil
And you recognize that the price for freedom is high
The brotherhood in your life is your highest call
Your the chosen ones, all for one and for all.   Vi älskar dig       

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